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In light of input from current Audi proprietors, we have unwavering quality information for new autos matured as long as three years of age, and furthermore vehicles matured somewhere in the range of three and eight years of age. Which? individuals can login and utilize the table beneath to discover exactly how solid Audi autos truly are. Not yet a Which? part? Join Which? to open the majority of our unwavering quality evaluations and our online audits.

What amount do Audi autos cost? exotic cars for rent los angeles are showcased as premium vehicles, so it’s nothing unexpected to find that they are evaluated especially at the top part of the bargain advertise. Indeed, even Audi’s least expensive vehicle, the Audi A1, costs over £15,000, while its prevalent Audi A3 begins at more than £20,000.

Directly at the top end, the Audi R8 sports vehicle is evaluated at up to £150,000. It’s frequently the attractive discretionary additional items that truly push Audi costs up – simply ticking a couple boxes will see your bank parity become a lot lighter.

Audis will in general hold their worth well. Audis will in general hold their worth well, which can be uplifting news for running expenses as it implies you lose less cash after some time. Nonetheless, similarly as with another Audi, purchasing a recycled one can be very costly.

Audi and dieselgate The sharing of motors with VW implies that Audi has been influenced by the ‘dieselgate’ embarrassment. Certain diesel-controlled Audis worked somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2015 might be more contaminating than authority figures propose and might be liable to review. Peruse our manual for air contamination and vehicle emanations to discover which autos are the most dirtying in our intense tests.

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