Brush your hair and eliminate any bunches or tangles. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you have short or long hair, your normal hair ought to be pulled move in an opposite direction from your hairline so it won’t be obvious once you put on your hair system.If you don’t have hair you presumably avoided the last advance, however this one you can’t miss! Clean your scalp to eliminate any oils and pollutants from your hairline. It will help the fluid cement or hairpiece tape cling to your hair framework hair system

This progression is discretionary on the off chance that you don’t have hair. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you do have developing hair, a hairpiece cap is strongly suggested. You can pick between a net hairpiece cap or a skin-conditioned nylon hairpiece cap. To apply, delicately stretch the cap over your head and line it up with your hairline, ensuring the entirety of your hair is under it. Secure it set up with a couple of bobby pins around the external edges.

In some cases the strands of your hairpiece can get gotten up to speed with the glue if not pulled back effectively. You can keep this from occurring by maneuvering the hair into a braid, or if the hair framework is a short style, cutting it nearest to the edge as could be expected under the circumstances.


Hold your finger on the zone of the hairpiece that will be on the focal point of your temple. Put the hairpiece over your head and tenderly lay it down on your scalp, keeping your finger on the focal point of your temple. Delicately pull the remainder of the hairpiece down over your head. Ensure you get the sides of the hairpiece far from the cement however much as could reasonably be expected with the goal that they don’t stick before you’re prepared.

Whenever you have put on your hair framework remember to make sure about it! Utilize a fine-toothed brush to deliberately push down the front edges of the hairpiece. In case you’re utilizing a ribbon hairpiece, twofold watch that the trim territories are smooth against your head, taking into account a characteristic check out the hairline.

After the front portion of your hair framework is secure, we suggest looking out 15 minutes for it to set. At that point follow similar strides as the front on the back. Stand by 15 additional prior minutes styling to guarantee the hair framework is secure. With a safe hair framework bond, you can feel certain that you put your best self forward! Once completely attached to your scalp, you can style your hair framework however you would prefer.

Hair frameworks have been around throughout recent centuries. Just that, in the past we would call hairpieces to what in particular has now developed with innovation to be called extraordinary bits of hair arrangements of a wide range of highlights. The two of them can completely substitute your hair, or give you back the looks you had years prior.


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