GBWhatsApp or YOWhatsApp: comparison and differences


To utilize this part, contact the WiFi picture (named 1 in the format above) on the visit tab and award DND.GB WhatsApp licenses clients to duplicate substance status and download picture/video status. To duplicate or download a status, go to the status tab, open the status, hit the three spot menu at the upper right, and tap duplicate or download.

Ever thought about what the standard message you dispatched off an accomplice was? Considering everything, you can watch that utilizing GB WhatsApp. Open an experience with the ideal individual, tap the three spot menu at the upper right menu, hit go to first message.GB WhatsApp likewise permits you to make a patch up lock for a conversation. License us to state you are visiting with a partner or another person and the data is touchy, you can shock the conversation with a mystery word to impede unapproved access GB WhatsApp APK

To see the messages, you would have to enter the mystery expression. To do this, open the experience with the ideal individual, tap the three spot menu on the upper right, tap lock talk, and tap empower mystery key. Enter the 4 digit mystery expression and demand.

This part permits you to rapidly inspect the web for a picture and send it direct to the individual you are visiting with. It saves time as you don’t need to open the telephone’s program to look through google picture.

to send a picture direct from the web Open experience with the ideal individual, tap the three spot menu at the upper right, tap Search web and type in what you need to look, select from any of the various pictures in the inquiry things and send

This choice specialists the entirety of your contacts status annals and pictures and presents them in a planned rundown where you can see and download them with no issue. To do this, go to the status tab, tap the three spot menu at the upper right, tap see statuses as synopsis.

This tip besides works in standard WhatsApp. On the conversation tab, hit the pursuit picture and type the name of the individual you need to visit with, this should raise the individual’s name whether you haven’t had a discussion with the individual as of now.

GB WhatsApp licenses you to cover your online status with the target that no one knows whether you are on the web. You will in any case have the decision to send and get messages regardless. To turn this on, on the conversation tab, tap the three piece menu, tap security, tap Conceal Online Status.

Put forth an attempt not to need a contact or amassing to know when you are framing an answer? You can cripple it on GB WhatsApp. On the Conversation tab, tap the Three piece menu at the upper right > tap Security from the menu > tap Making Status and weaken it.

With GB WhatsApp, you can genuinely see a contact’s status, and they wouldn’t know as it would not show in the quick overview of people who saw the status. Chill on the chance that you needn’t waste time with them to recognize you checked their status. To turn on this section, tap the Three spot menu > Security > Cover View Status.

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