How to Create Sizzling Product Sales Pages – 7 “Must Do” Tips

Have you seen Toy Story 3? About toys that, in the end, we have to leave behind? Well, it’s been the same with my model train set. I guess it’s forty years since those engines jerked around salepage the railway scenario I was so proud of. So it was time for the engines, rolling stock and track to steam off into eBay sunset. And that’s where the fun began.

You see, model trains are hot on eBay – there are real enthusiasts – but people are hopeless at selling. And eBay sales pages are the same as any other product sales pages. So why was I getting $10 or $15 for an ordinary piece of model rolling stock, when others – for exactly the same item – scraped by with a few measly bucks?

So this informative article is sharing seven ways to create sizzling product sales pages, wherever they are.

One: Great product pictures. And I mean, great. Not out of focus, not long shot. Great. With detail. Good lighting. And – here’s the killer – add a tiny thin colored border around your picture. It makes it stand out. If you need to, include two pr three product pictures so the potential buyer can almost hold the product.

Two: Add more information than expected. For example, I was selling a Hornby-Dublo quarry wagon. As it happened, I found information on the web together with a picture a the real life wagon. And I did the same with an early Great Western Railway model steam engine. I added this information to the bald product statement and the difference was tangible. People weren’t buying a model – they were buying something that had a historical reality.

Three: Give information about the product’s background. On another occasion I sold a miniature portrait. It wasn’t special, but there was faded writing on the back that said something about the subject. Lo and behold, a relative bid for – and won – the item. Be personal, and share. Going back to the railway item: I talked about each model engine: where I had bought it, how much I paid, the enjoyment I had. You’re building a relation ship of trust and credibility.

Four: Don’t forget to give precise dimensions – height, size, weight.

Five: Imperfections? Be honest. A collector won’t care, so long as the product is described accurately. Even if the item you’re selling doesn’t have intrinsic value, a buyer may still purchase something even if they know it is broken. A friend of mind advertised a woodburning stove that was broken down into seven parts. It still sold well.

Six: Do the postage homework. Be straight about what it will cost, and if it’s expensive, why it will be so much.

Seven: Consider providing audio or even video clips. These are highly effective. Neither have to be particularly lengthy, but they build gterrific credibility.

So there you are. Seven tips that you can implement easily when it comes to selling your product online. And I’m not talking rocket science here: they are all easy to do. And they could mean you receive dollars, rather than dimes.


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