How to sell your used car in Dubai – A full guide to the process

As soon as you’ve located a purchaser, it would be good to allow them to inspect the automobile state and agree on a price. If you truly want to sell your vehicle, it better to be a little flexible on the prices. Before listing your vehicle, be certain you manage the individual purchasing face .


Deal only with real men and women that are prepared to meet face to face and talk about provisions best way to sell my car in dubai.

Don’t take Post Dated Checks for obligations and deal in money only, that’s unless you’re coping with a trusted freelancer (used auto );If you’re accepting article dated check, allow it clear before you proceed with transport procedure;Don’t market on the windscreen or screen on the vehicle.

Now in the sales funnel, it’s wise for you to just take a nominal payment or full payment from the buyer for your vehicle. This will make certain you’ve got a bargain from the purchaser. It’s also much better to make some sort of arrangement of earnings and evidence of payment received.

 Insurance Shipping

As soon as you’re sure the payment is received, now you can go on and move the possession. You’ll Need to follow these measures:

Cancel your insurance plan from the insurance carrier.

You Might Need to provide your identification and enrollment records (Mulkia)

Transport auto ownership

If your car is due for renewal, you’ll have to check the vehicle in some of those RTA authorised test centers (such as Tasjeel);Once this is finished, you’ll have to fill in the transfer form through scanning facility.After documents are needed at this stage:When these files are filed in almost any RTA authorised enrollment centers.

 Provide the records to the officer;

Now, your automobile will be assessed for any penalties which might have accrued on the automobile;When there are fines, then you’ll be requested to cover them.

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