Learn Quran Online: What Does The Quran Talk About?

Online Quran Academy is one among the common trends developing nowadays. For somebody new the planet of Islam, it’s going to seem strange. What are the explanations behind Muslims’ reverence for the Quran? What does it mention, and what are its themes? Why do Muslims starting attending Quran Academies from an early age to find out about it?
The Quran is that the word of Allah, revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) through Angel Jibrail (a.s.). it’s given a huge amount of respect by Muslims because it’s the foremost important book in Islam. The Holy Book forms the core of all of Islam. It the idea for legislation and may be a guide for all Muslims.
The Quran contains several themes, starting from stories of past prophets to Jihad. the rationale for the broad themes contained therein is that it had been revealed over a period of 23 years. Thus, verses were slowly revealed during a systematic manner covering various topics, as needed in several situations.

Allah is that the One and Only God
The primary and most vital theme of the Holy Book is that the Oneness of Allah. Allah tells us about Him in order that we may know Him and worship Him accordingly. He outlines how and why it’s impossible for there to be the other creator besides Him. His names and attributes are explained intimately.
He also informs us that there’s nothing almost like him during this universe. “Say, ‘He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets neither is born, neither is there to Him any equivalent.’” (Quran 112)

Warnings for the disbelievers
one of the central messages that Allah conveys through the Quran is that believers are going to be rewarded for his or her righteous acts while disbelievers are going to be punished. Parables of past incidents also are mentioned to drive the purpose home further.
“And they denied and followed their inclinations. Except for every matter may be a [time of] settlement. And there has already come to them of data that during which there’s deterrence – Extensive wisdom – but warning doesn’t avail [them].” (Quran 54:3-5)

Stories of the Prophets
Allah mentions several prophets by name and discusses their stories. These narratives are often wont to teach us a valuable lesson. Amongst the prophets who are mentioned besides Prophets Muhammad (PBUH) are Isa, Musa, Yousuf, Lut, Ibrahim, Nuh, Adam (PBUT), amongst others. Twenty-five altogether are mentioned by name.
Their stories show us how Allah warned previous nations. We get to understand how most of mankind rebelled against Allah’s order and disobeyed him. Allah also details, in some cases, the results that the disbelievers had to face for his or her actions.

The theme of Jihad
This theme is one that each Muslim should be conscious of nowadays. this is often because Islam often faces attacks from non-Muslims regarding Jihad. thanks to that, we must know the facts about Jihad, as mentioned within the Quran.
During the primary stage of revelation in Makkah, the believers were always told to stay steadfast and patient within the face of atrocities from the disbelievers. it had been only after their migration to Madinah, and once a state was formed, that Jihad became an option. This was also mainly thanks to the aggression of the non-Muslims, who were determined to oppose Madinah. Thus, Jihad was a sort of self-defense and a necessity, not a sort of evil aggression, as portrayed by many.

The importance of the Quran( Surah Mulk)
The topics mentioned above are only a fraction of what’s discussed within the Quran. Therefore, Muslims got to be ready to read and understand the Holy Book. It contains a wealth of data for believers.
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