Mega Sena can pay the second highest prize of 2019, here’s how to bet

Mega-Sena’s 2,160 contest can pay up to R $ 115 million on Saturday. The draw will be held today in Sao Paulo.

Resultado da Mega-Sena can pay the second highest prize of 2019, here’s how to bet

The total prize is accumulated in the last six rounds. So if you have any winners this Saturday, it will be the biggest of the year, behind only the $ 289.4 million paid on May 11.To make a “little”, the player has until 19h this Saturday (15) to personally attend a lottery accredited by Caixa Econômica Federal and pay $ 3.50 for a simple bet.

You can also bet by computer, tablet or mobile. However, you must be at least 18 years old to bet, in addition to a Caixa account to bet on internet banking or a valid credit card to bet on the Lotteries Online Caixa site .

Last Thursday (12), no one hit the six dozen of the draw 2,159, and he accumulated again.

The numbers drawn were: 14 – 26 – 35 – 38 – 45 – 53

What are the chances of winning?

According to the Federal Savings Bank, the chance of winning at Mega is one in 50 million odds of combinations, for a single bet with six tens and the cost of $ 3.50.However, it is possible to choose more numbers or to get together with friends and make a pocket. To bet dozens more, the minimum to disburse is $ 24.50 for seven numbers.

The biggest prize of Mega-Sena this year was $ 289.4 million in the contest 2,150, on 05/11/2019, with only one winning bet.Until the last update of this text, the Caixa Econômica Federal had not disclosed if any bettor had hit the numbers. It is estimated that the premium would reach $ 115 million, which would make it as the second largest of the year 2019.

The biggest prize of the year was R $ 289.4 million, in the draw of May 11, 2019, when a lucky gambler from Pernambuco who made the game over the Internet won the jackpot alone.

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