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Social media monitoring is described as the act of having a keen eye for vital data concerning the business you own. Through social media monitoring, you will know about brand mentions, important hashtags, some of your rivals in the market, the best and emerging business trends, the social share of voice, and brand awareness. You need valuable information acquired from social media monitoring to get trends and insights. Once you’re done with the first step, social media monitoring, it would be best to take the next step, which is social listening. In media monitoring, you collect information, capture posts, measure the vital information, and develop a record of every single happening in your business’s social space. Social listening is very integral because you can set proper insights after comprehensive data analysis. The process of social listening primarily depends on the information you collect, and through it, you can enhance your social media plan.


Social Media Monitoring Tools

If you desire to closely monitor your business’ conversation, hashtags, and accounts, it would be better to invest in media monitoring tools. Through these tools, you are, you are sure to save on time. Below are some tools you need to use to improve your social media strategy.


Hootsuite helps you have a keen eye on every conversation about applicable to your business and its products. Through Hootsuite, you can monitor people’s views and perceptions about your industry. This is based on users, hashtags, locations, and keywords.

Google Alerts

Using Google Alerts, you find it possible to track the whole website of every relevant information regarding your industry, its rivals, and anything useful to the company. Google Alerts will send you the critical and vital information you need to know. Therefore, to set this alert, log into your Google account, get to the alert page, and type your keyword into the search box.


Talkwalker is a social media monitoring tool that helps you track conversations with over fifty filters. You can do a comprehensive analysis of reviews, engagements, and the company’s viewpoint through it.

Reddit Search

Reddit Search is among the social sites you need to make good use of. Monthly, it has an average of 14 billion views and 330 active users. Monitor Pro is this tool’s keyword, and through its help, you track sites with vital data about your business.

Benefits of Media Monitoring Tools

Besides saving time and cost, these tools have several other benefits which are:

They help you reach more people. You will be able to interact with many people who are interested in buying your products and services. To achieve this, you need to understand the interests of your customers by monitoring specific keyword terms. You should also understand which of your posts sell more and other vital metrics using the on-site analytics.

These monitoring tools also help you embrace a good relationship with your customers. By doing this, you are sure to promote and increase the productivity of your brands. Create a story related to your brand, and the story should meet your customers’ expectations.

Lastly, the tools for monitoring social media helps you to compete effectively with your rivals. Ask any business consultant, and you will be told that to make a good profit, you need to embrace marketing, advanced technology, and innovation. When we talk of cutting-edge tech, we mean emerging technologies, which are Artificial intelligence, and Edge Computing, to name a few.

About NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is a growing social analytics company giving contextual acumens helpful in unveiling the direction to follow in business, help you link with your target audience, and give you a comprehensive picture of the market and rivals. Through this platform, several companies and agencies have managed to make accurate decisions and smart decisions. One of the steps this company needs to embrace to remain competitive in social media analytics is having the right tools.

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