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Platinum Pass winners should have got a contact from myself and the staff which ought to react to a few and allay some problems. Nevertheless, just in case you need a lot more clarity, please steer the additional enquiries to and so we’re likely to react immediately. You’re a part of a very unique club and it is the program of ours to enable you to think in that way with additional tasks along with surprises of the run up to the event. And therefore, keep a look out for much more information from us.

I am sure that players that have yet to qualify for the PSPC will also have questions, which I’m looking to answer under also situs slot.

Last but not least, we are currently operating on a great deal of competitions and has. We’re going to announce them the second they’re ready, which implies you’re in a position to rely on a range of techniques to be involved.

Rest assured the PSPC is actually gon na be well worth the wait and we want to permit it to be an additional past making poker event. Until then everybody, please stay safe, play prudently and we are going to look ahead to seeing far more Platinum Pass winners shortly!

With a few PokerStars sponsored living happenings upcoming all about the world, we required to have a couple of mins to allow our players realize the existing place of ours regarding the coronavirus.

We are closely monitoring the spread of COVID 19 in addition to coping with the casinos operating the events we sponsor to ensure we are being saved up to speed with all the newest developments.
The situation is actually dynamic and live highly competitive events are in fact a great part of what we do. So we are endeavouring to strike a balance of catering to our players’ wants while concurrently protecting attendees, and ensuring we behave sensibly.To this- Positive Many Meanings- end, we have cancelled the Road to PSPC Cannes, Road to PSPC Madrid Torrelodones, and the Manilla Super Series 14. We’re going to keep you up on the problem of the other events now slated on the living events calendar of ours.

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