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Be careful not to overdo it. Just one or two of these contrarian plays per session can raise your win rate dramatically without shattering the image that makes it possible. Pick your spots and villains carefully, so you aren’t bluffing into obvious strength, or trying to exploit an opponent who isn’t paying attention or has a different profile on you than everyone else at the table.

While you are thin slicing, poker 889 that most other players are doing the same thing, developing a profile they hope to use in exploiting you.Whether you make an effort to establish a specific image or just play the hands as they come, awareness of the image you are creating allows you to stay one step ahead.

Small Ball Poker: The Pros & Cons

Little ball poker is a playstyle where your point is to engage in numerous modest pots and keep those pots little – except if you hit a beast hand and afterward you construct the pot as large and as fast as could be allowed. This was generally advanced by Daniel Negreanu, and to a lesser-degree Harrington’s books, and is a style received intensely by players developing from fishy play.

As you watch this video or read this whole guide, note that the objective isn’t to affront players that utilization this style. Hell, I used to actualize a little ball procedure, and my preparation recordings before 2014 mirror that. Rather, the objective here is to investigate the upsides and downsides of little ball poker and make you contemplate both playing this methodology and abusing different players that utilization it.

Why Poker Players Like Small Ball

The general idea of little ball is a blend of three things: engaging in heaps of modest pots preflop, abstaining from engaging in enormous pots postflop without beast hands, and attempting to get beast hands satisfied for greatest worth.

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