Removal of EAD for H4 visa holders delayed

There is a piece of good news for those who are aspiring to get the Employment Authorization Document on the H4 visa. This bill is yet to become a law and it would happen in the spring of 2020, not sooner than that. The permission to work in the US  to spouses of H1B visa holders was given by President Obama in 2015. However, Trump wants to scrap this permission.
Those who are benefitting from the EAD(Employment authorization document ) for the H4 visa holders are Indians. Deciding for permitting the EAD for the H4 visa holders has been changed many times in the previous two years. The first time, Donald Trump declared banning the EAD on the H4 visa was in 2017.

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Registration fees of 10 USD to be introduced for the H1B visa

In another piece of news, a registration fee of 10 USD would be introduced for the H1B visa. This fee would be implemented in the coming year starting from April 1, 2020.

However, to be able to get 10 USD from every applicant, its important to have a website, through which the interested applicants can register themselves. Therefore, the USCIS would need to expend 1.5 million dollars which is just to be incurred one time.

Apart from the 10 USD fee, 460 USD is already paid as a fee. A statutory fee of 6,000 USD is also paid. But 95% of this fee is submitted to the Department of Labor. Apart from spouses of H1B visa holders, others who can also get the EAD are those who have been granted refugee status in this country.  Those nationals who have been living in the US on the temporary protected status can also get the employment authorization document. Students who are looking out for certain kinds of jobs also get an EAD. Hence, students can also be employed in the United States.

Permanent workers, on the other hand, are those who can live in the US for a long time. Such workers have received a green card from this country.

How to get an EAD?

An applicant needs to file Form I-765 for getting this visa. Apart from the documents you need to show your nonimmigrant visa also. Someone can work with the help of this document but not without the EAD.

Once you have the EAD, you can easily work in the US otherwise you can get arrested. However certain visa holders don’t need this document, especially L1 and H1B visa holders. But, spouses of L1 visas need this document to work in the US. A fiancé visa holder of the US also needs this visa to work. A K1 visa is given to someone who is living away from the US and will be married within 3 months after coming to the US. There is a delay that gets caused in the issuance of the EAD when you are on the fiancé visa(K1 visa). So, it’s better to apply for this visa when you apply for the green card after getting married.

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