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If here the forces are equal, then the bank is divided in half between two or more high card holders.


An example of a high card during a game

Any experienced player will say that taking the 먹튀검증 card as a chance of winning is at least naive, but in poker the highest card in hand is not considered in isolation from the rest. In this regard, this phenomenon should be disassembled in detail and take into account all the moments associated with its use. So, for example, since suits are equivalent in poker, card seniority will play a big role.

Is it worth bluffing?

It is impossible to give an exact answer to the question whether bluffing with such a weak combination as a high card is possible. Each distribution is unique, many factors influence the result, which are not possible to consider in advance. The player has the right to choose: discard cards and focus on the new deal, or take a chance and see how the risk ends for him. In most cases, you should not use bluff postflop , having only the highest card.

However, there are situations when a player has no other choice but to make every effort and prevent a showdown. Basically, the path to retreat will be very expensive if the player flopped on the flop, hoping to collect a flush or straight with a pocket ace, but the turn did not live up to expectations .

In this case, the output will be a get-in rate of half the pot, which will certainly help knock out the opponent from the distribution and prevent the cards from being opened. In rare cases, complete equality may develop, then the bank is divided into equal parts between the leaders.

Final words

The combination, in principle, cannot be attributed to winning combinations, it’s just a random set of five cards that are in no way connected with each other.

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