Treating teeth under narcosis – what it is about

Treating teeth under narcosis – what it is about

The number of dental roots is characteristic for a given type of tooth, but the number of dental canals is already recognized as an individual feature and depends on a particular tooth in the jaw or in the mandible. For example: the first molar in Kowalski’s jaw may have 4 main canals (which is the most typical situation for this type of tooth), while his neighbor, Iksińskiego, in the same tooth (also in the jaw) will be 5 channels (as in the case of molars first jaws is rare, but it happens).

In turn, Nowak will have only 3 main channels in the molar, but the number of side channels will be large, and the root delta – extensive and complicated. In each of the mentioned persons, the root canals in the tooth will have a different course and curvature.

Let’s look at the factors regarding root and root canals that affect the course and cost of root canal treatment.

Roots, dental canals, dental delta – definitions

The root is part of the tooth that ends at the apex of the apex, which is in the alveolus and is recessed in the periodontal tissues, and the crown protruding over the gum connects through the tooth’s neck.

The root is covered with root cement, into which the periodontal fibers penetrate, which keeps the root (and thus the tooth) in the alveolus. The tooth is a tissue that is a component of the tooth suspension (parodont).

Canine – the vast majority of specimens has only one root, and two roots have only 2% of teeth of this type. Most often there is also one channel ending with one hole, although copies with two channels ending in two holes are very rarely can check here infomation about stomatolog Gliwice.

First premolar – usually has only one root. Two roots occur sporadically. Most often, it has one channel with one hole. If it has two channels, they are more likely to be two holes than one. In a small number of cases, three can appear in this type of tooth.

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