Trump denies suggesting nuclear strikes on hurricanes

President Donald Trump on Monday expelled as “strange” a report that he proposed exploding atomic bombs inside typhoons to debilitate the tempests before they make landfall along U.S. shorelines.

“The story by Axios that President Trump News today to explode huge tropical storms with atomic weapons preceding arriving at shore is crazy,” Trump tweeted, alluding to himself in the third individual. “I never said this. Simply increasingly FAKE NEWS!”

Axios on Sunday detailed that Trump presented the deductively questionable proposition “on numerous occasions to senior Homeland Security and national security authorities” right off the bat in his administration, including during a sea tempest preparation when he explicitly referenced utilizing atomic weapons on amazing trans-Atlantic tempests.

Trump additionally apparently discussed shelling sea tempests on a second event with a senior organization official, as indicated by a 2017 National Security Council update depicting the discussion. That update does not explain whether the president was alluding to atomic weapons, as indicated by Axios.

In light of the story, a senior organization authority stated: “We don’t remark on private discourses that the president could possibly have had with his national security group.”Axios national political columnist Jonathan Swan, who co-created the story with legislative issues and White House proofreader Margaret Talev, reacted to Trump’s forswearing on Monday.

“I remain by each word in the story. He said this in any event two gatherings during the principal year and a touch of the administration, and one of the discussions was memorialized,” Swan tweeted.”Also that we gave the White House press group full perceivability of all that we were detailing nine hours before production. We distributed their announcement in the story,” he included.

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