U.S Green Cards and Permanent Residence

The primary reason for the I-130 structure, alongside supporting reports, is to build up that a substantial marriage exists.

The mate recording the I-130 is known as the “solicitor” or “support.” This is the life partner who is a U.S. native or current green card holder. The life partner looking for a green card is known as the “recipient” or “green card candidate.”

Basic components of a total I-130 recording bundle include:

Government recording charge of $535

Confirmation How to get Green Card? that the supporting life partner is a U.S. resident (duplicate of the support’s introduction to the world authentication, naturalization endorsement, or substantial U.S. visa photograph page, for instance) or lasting occupant (duplicate of the support’s green card, for instance)

Confirmation that a lawfully substantial marriage exists (for instance, a marriage authentication demonstrating the names of the two life partners, just as the spot and date of the marriage).Confirmation that the marriage isn’t fake (for instance, a joint rent, joint financial balance articulations, and pictures together).Confirmation that any past marriage of either mate has been ended (ordinarily, a separation record)

When the I-130 documenting bundle is finished, it must be sent to the suitable USCIS address. USCIS will at that point send the supporting life partner an official affirmation (or “receipt see”) via the post office, ordinarily inside about fourteen days.

On the off chance that USCIS needs more data or records to process the documenting bundle, they will send the supporting companion a Request for Evidence (RFE) inside 2–3 months. Once USCIS has all that they need, they will normally settle on a choice on the I-130 application inside 7–15 months, contingent upon the couple’s circumstance.

In the wake of accepting notification that the I-130 structure has been endorsed, the following stage will be to decide if the life partner looking for a green card is qualified for one.

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