Which AR scope is most suited for hunters?

The AR 15 scope is a customizable platform that has the capability to fill any competition. For AR 15, you need to attachments and optics that are perfect for shooting context.

Some shoots needed the right scope to be used in the right shooting context. The more you use right scope the more you can achieve your target with accuracy and can also acquire the target with speed. Now how you come to know that which scope is best for your target.

This practice will come after some experience but AR 15 is considered as one of the right scopes for targets. Many scopes are available for AR 15. Here we are going to discuss that which AR scope is suited for hunters.

Vortex Optics Viper Scope

Vortex Optics is considered as one of the best AR scope that can be used for hunting purposes. They are famous for good quality control and high-end products that is the reason behind Vortex among top category.

Other factor that make it as the best their Viper HS that delivers the high magnification that gives extreme long-range competition that makes ease to target to distant target by using these optics. It is versatile up to 6-24x that make easy for the hunters and also the shooters to moderate the ranges as well.

For low light performance and for performing the target in the dark it uses the reticle illumination that is couples with the huge 50mm objective lens. The wide lens has ability of good light to provide incredible clear image even at dark. This AR model is best for hunters to achieve their target in the dark area.

The aiming distance is comfortable up to 4 inches that is ideal for competition shooters and also for the hunters who spend a lot of time spending by looking through their optic.

This AR gives eye relief that makes it easy to quickly to get a clear picture of the target and fully achieved it. This has excellent durability and waterproofing feature. This is primarily designed for long range shooting from a stable position. It is considered as one of the best AR scope that able to achieve long range targets. The weight of the viper is bit heavy so you can’t use it for fast moving emergency situations.


AR 15 is considered as one of the best scopes that can be used for hunting. It can achieve the long range targets and easily meet the target. It can easily meet the target even in low light so it is best for the hunters and as well for the shooters going to meet any competition. The only drawback is its viper is heavy in weight that don’t allow the hunter to hunt the immediate target. The hunters can use best AR 15 scope for hunting the long-range target easily.

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